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Egg Donation

Egg donation is used in cases where the female’s eggs are either absent or of low quality.

Here are two examples where egg donation could be used:

1. A 30 year-old woman with a FSH of 28 with premature ovarian failure. A FSH level of 35 is indicative of menopause. The average age of menopause is 55 but some women undergo it prematurely and as a result do not have the ability to produce any more eggs.

2. A 46 year-old woman who wishes to conceive with a FSH over 12 (indication of a low ovarian reserve.) Sometimes this type of patient may have a normal FSH (under 10) however, even if there are eggs remaining, the incidence of genetic problems (Down’s syndrome, etc.) and subsequent miscarriage is going to be very high.

How does the Egg Donation process work?

Many women from various social, ethnic and educational backgrounds donate eggs. It is possible to solicit the help of a donor egg agency such as “A Perfect Match,” or “Conceptual Options,” or you may choose one of our in-house egg donors. Our egg donors are thoroughly screened for transmittable diseases and examined for possible signs of infertility.

Once the egg donor has been chosen, she begins taking stimulation medications. After approximately 10 days of stimulation her eggs are retrieved. Because most of our egg donors are around 22 to 25 years of age we typically obtain 12 to 18 eggs. Their eggs are usually of very high quality and have a high fertilization rate. We use the sperm of the couple’s choice to fertilize the eggs. They are then placed in our incubators for three to five days.

Dr. Littman and our embryologist will help you to decide how many embryos to transfer (usually one or two.) These embryos are then transferred into the patient (not the egg donor), unless the patient is using a gestational carrier. For legal reasons, it is best to use a separate egg donor and gestational carrier. The patient is given progesterone to help her body carry the pregnancy.

Success rates with this technique are very high (80% at our facility in 2012.) The patient has the wonderful experience of carrying a pregnancy, which usually contains her husband’s DNA. This allows the woman to bond with the baby in utero and experience the miracle of childbirth. Click the link to find more information about becoming an egg donor in Las Vegas.

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